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How to Repair Your Smartphone During Covid-19?

Daily use of your smartphone certainly makes it more vulnerable to breakage and accidents. Broken screens, camera problems, etc. Over time, these various repairs can sadly cost quite a bit if you have them done by a professional. We are closer to our phones than we are with our family and friends, no that is not a joke that is the reality that many of us accept and many of us do not. Damaging your phone in any way and cracking the screen can completely ruin your day and why will it not ruin your day when all you have to do is to use your phone in these covid days when you cannot go out and meet anybody to stay safe. While most handsets are not built to be repaired, with the right tools and a little know-how, you can fix many problems with your handset for cheaper than they will ask you to pay if you go to a repair shop.

We must say that opening up your phone will almost certainly void your warranty and, if you have insurance on your device, you will likely be unable to successfully make a claim if you choose to repair it on your own. If you are comfortable enough with a tiny screwdriver and electronic components, have at it. However, if you are unsure if you can do it on your own or not or don’t want to risk it, talk to your carrier or manufacturer before you try to break open that phone and never fix it again.

Have you ever wondered if you could repair your smartphone yourself? Well, the answer is yes, but with a few caveats!

In this article, find out some common examples of smartphone repairs that can be done at home on covid 19 days.

Tools That You Would Need

No matter what phone you are trying to take apart, there are a few tools you will almost always need to have with you everywhere you go so that you do not waste all your time finding and asking for these basic repairing tools. Some devices are easier to take apart than others and we will also discuss them in a while, but before you open up your smartphone, you will want to make sure you have a few things in hand:

A screwdriver kit:

It goes without saying that you will need a set of screwdrivers, but the type of screw drivers that you will need may not be there in your garage. Obviously, you are not going to repair an engine with those big tools but a little sleek smartphone. Your phone is filled with a myriad of tiny screws. Many companies sell a toolkit with many of the screw heads you will need, but many PC repair toolkits will do the same, so go for them.

Specialty screw heads:

Other than these regular screwdrivers, many smartphone models particularly modern iPhones tend to use special screws that standards set cannot handle. While this is usually done to prevent unauthorized repairs, you can buy tools that can open up the hardware and works properly on your phone.

Screen pry tools:

Perhaps the most important tool you will likely have, you will not find it already in a plastic pry tool. They are relatively cheaper. The pry tool is used to separate parts that are pressed together like the plastic casing etc.

Let us see how you can repair your phone in different case scenarios.

How to replace a broken screen on your smartphone

Having a broken screen is the basic damage you can do to your phone. It is not always easy of difficult to fix your screen. Fixing a broken screen can be either fairly simple and cheap or extremely expensive that all depends on your phone’s built and structure. In both of these cases, you will need to open your device. In some of the cases, the glass and digitizer (the layer which translates taps into input) may be fused together in such a way that they make a replacement unit very expensive. If they are not, however, you can buy a replacement screen in a fairly low cost.

If you consider yourself a real techie and have the proper tools to do the job, fixing the broken screen on your like-new cell phone should be easy enough. You may find many tutorials online that explain in detail how you can repair your screen.

In cases where the display is not attached to the glass, you may be able to replace either the glass by itself or the glass and digitizer. Both are fairly simple repairs, but if the digitizer is connected to the glass, you will need to connect a data cable, which varies by model.

However, this is a risky procedure since you will have to completely open up the phone to change the screen. Also, this repair will be more or less difficult depending on the model of your smartphone. For example, Samsung Galaxy phones are more complicated to repair because you have to remove the back window of the phone.

In short, are you sure you can manage it, but watching the complexity that comes your way while changing the screen, why not prevent accidents by getting a screen protector at first?

Repairing a faulty headphone jack on your phone

You would know that your phone jack needs to be repaired when the sound coming out of your headphones when you plug them into your mobile device worse than it used to be. There could be a signal problem with your headphone jack. But you do not need to worry in this case. Repairing a headphone jack is very simple. The main reason headphone jacks malfunction is the accumulation of dust and particles inside them. Cleaning your device is as simple as sending a few bursts of compressed air to dislodge the dirt.

Nonetheless, if the problem persists after cleaning, the phone will need to be disassembled to completely change the jack. Again, this can be done using the appropriate tools that you must have in your home.

Is the camera lens on your smartphone broken? Replace it!

I must not say that, but God forbid if you ever drop your cell phone, there are a few chances that the camera lens on your cell phone will break.

While this damage may seem rather serious and difficult to repair yourself, it is indeed possible to fix it by your own. In fact, there are some smartphone models, in which you do not have to remove the camera from the motherboard to change the external lens. Just look for an online tutorial and follow the instructions carefully to succeed.

Loose/Stuck Buttons:

Like headphone jacks, buttons can also replace roughly as easily as the phone itself is to open. You can buy substitutes for most hardware buttons in a handset and swap them out without too many problems. However, if you are uncomfortable cracking open your phone, you can solve a lot of button problems with software that are easily available.

Most of the buttons are attached through cables to the motherboard and they can be very delicate, so be careful with them when re-attaching new hardware. You can usually find out how to replace the numerous power and volume buttons by following the standard teardowns. Be sure to read ahead first before purchasing replacement components.


While these covid days and lockdowns are not at all what we have asked for in our lives, but this is the new normal and we have to live with it until the situation gets better in the whole world. As for many other house chores we have to step out of our homes to fulfil our daily requirements, but we should avoid stepping out for as long as we can.

Mobile phones are very essential part of our lives as most of the work in done by these phones at homes now a days, more over they are the source of entertainment in these heavy days so we have you all covered on how you can repair your phones at home in covid 19 we hope you make the most out of it and like this article.

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