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How to Avoid Your iPhone Screen from Breaking?

Like every other individual do you also have the habit of messing up with your cell phone? Well, if you are someone who is too casual in handling your iPhone and have already faced broken screen issues previously, it is the high time to keep your activities in check.

Buying iPhone is not very reasonable for many of us and can be costly at times, and a slight mishandling can result in repairs worth thousands of dollars.  iPhone is more sensitive as compared to other Smartphones and for that reason, you need to take extra care to prevent your costly phone screen from breaking into many tiny pieces.

Here are some of the smart ways by which you can protect your phone’s screen from breaking or damage.

  • Using a bumper case.
  • Using tempered glass screen protectors.
  • Use of the Pop Sockets.
  • Use skin on your phone for extra grip.
  • Use a car phone holder.

All of these precautions involve purchase of extra tools and accessories but that will cost you less than spending a lot of the money on repairing your iPhone at shop.

Let us discuss them in more detail.

Use of Bumper Case:

Using a bumper case can be the most common and effective ways to prevent your phone from cracking. With the modern technology, a lot of companies have come up with strong and reliable bumper cases for almost every model of the major phone manufacturers that includes the bumper cases for the latest iPhone models as well. This is due of the increased need and demand for the phone bumper cases. All of these companies have started making these bumper cases more stylish and attractive to collect more costumers, so that a mobile phone user doesn’t feel that their phone will look bad after installing a bumper case. In some cases, there bumper covers make the phones look even better than they actually are.

Now the question that may arise in our minds is how much a bumper case can reduce the damage of the fall, right? Well, it depends on the quality and making of the case. There is usually more than one type of cases that are available in the market. Stylish and light cases are the ones that are only good enough for safeguarding the phone from minor or little scratches and can hardly reduce the damage of a heavy fall. The other option is not that much attractive and fashionable but have good and strong build quality. They might add some more weight to your phone, but it will absorb the utmost damage when you drop your phone from a heighted space. The shock of the drop will be absorbed by the heavy-duty ridges which are installed on the edges of the phone through the bumper case.

The bumper cases are now easily available in the bulk of the mobile phone accessories shops, repair shops. If you are thinking that they might cost a lot, then you are mistaken. For the protection that they provide to your phone, they literally cost nothing at all.

Use of tempered glass screen protectors:

If you have recently spent on buying an iPhone, you would also need to invest in quality accessories to keep it safe. As we all know the fact that iPhone’s screen is delicate as compared to other smartphones therefore, the first thing you need to consider buying after an iPhone is its screen protector, by applying a sturdy screen protector you may protect your phone against rough handling.

There are a lot of screen protectors that are widely available out of which you can choose plastic or tempered glass which can fit your budget and keep your phone safe from breaking. They will act as a protective shield to the iPhone screen glass and helps in absorbing the shock when your Smartphone accidentally hits the ground.

We would suggest you to invest in a tempered glass protector for some extra safety of your phone’s safety other wise you can select accordingly.

Use of Pop Sockets:

In the modern-day times, one of the latest and cute invention is of the pop sockets. Pop sockets have proven to be a great tool to hold your phone more tightly and strongly. Pop sockets can surely reduce the risk of you dropping your phone, particularly while texting or taking a selfie, as we know most of us drop our phones while taking selfies due to their larger sizes.

Pop sockets are actually plastic contraptions that can be attached to the back of your phone. They are made up of a circular base, a flexible stem, and a stylish disc. You can use either one or two fingers to grip the pop socket attached to your phone, and you will immediately feel a much better grip and hold on your phone. It is indeed one of the top selling phone accessories nowadays.

The company sold more than 25 million of pop sockets last year, and they plan to expand their reach into more areas of the world. The best thing that they did to attract the maximum number of customers was that they added the option of customization to their pop sockets. For example, you can customize your pop socket by printing your own photo on it. So other than thousands of designs that were already available, the option of designing your Pop Socket yourself surely gained the attention of many customers.

So, do you wonder that why do we recommend using Pop Sockets? The main reason is the grip that it provides which will ultimately lead to fewer drops of your phone. Less chances of a drop mean you will not be cracking the screen of your phone every now and then.

Use of a Skin for extra grip:

While many of the top smartphone companies are including the glass back for their phones in the package, because some of their models are becoming more slippery and not so comfortable and easy to hold. But iPhone has not yet introduced any of such kind in their package. So, one of the best ways to add more grip to your phone is by adding a skin on your phone. As we know that skins have proved to be very beneficial when it comes to adding extra grip to your phone.

Many brands have manufactured great quality skins for the majority of iPhones. Other than making your phone look very stylish by adding a skin, you will feel more comfortable and easier while holding your phone.

As like pop sockets these skin brands have also included the option of customization of the skin as per your choice. For instance, you can choose to have the image of yourself or your favorite football team, favorite player, a favorite movie poster and what not. Sounds interesting, right?

Eventually, it will lead to you to not dropping your phone more often and cracking your screen. It is another cost-effective method which can save the screen of your phone and stop you from paying extra money for a broken screen repair.

Use of a car phone holder:

Many of us drop our phones while taking selfies and many of us drop them during driving. We have seen a lot of cases where people drop their phones while trying to use it in their car for navigation or any other possible reason. Majority of those times, the user ends up cracking the screen of their phone by dropping it. The reason for using the phone in their car can be for navigation, texting or attending a call as well.

To avoid dropping your phone in these situations, we suggest the use of a car phone holder. Also using your cell phone while driving your car is against the law. With the help of a car phone holder, you will be capable to use your phone for the functions of navigation, music, etc. without the risk of dropping it and smashing the screen.

It is another very cheap tool to reduce the risk of dropping your phone and ending up with a cracked screen. You can find very economical car phone holders at your nearing cell phone accessories shop, or even at online retail stores. So, what are you waiting for?

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